Wednesday 28 October 2009

Russell's first cock

  • Submitted by: Russell who was walking to work in London, UK

  • Cock in context: at Google Maps

  • Russell says: As you will see, my coin purse gently nestling against the chin of leicester square, the veiny length of the shaft running along SHAFTesbury avenue and the top of the shaft thrusting through the heart of soho ending with the bell end marking the yahoo! european headquarters. The brazilian tuft is where i started the route. I tried to walk around the piss hole in a spacious area around the back of the yahoo! offices but sadly this was not picked up so well with the GPS. :(

    PS. This is my first gps cock and it is a little wobbly due to my amateur 'every 1 metre' settings on GPS tracker. Tracked using my new android G2 phone. I'm sure my next cock will look better..