Tuesday 15 May 2012

My Palm Springs back and forth

  • Submitted by: Russell who was walking in Palm Springs, US
  • Russell says "I was lying in the sweltering desert sun, ordering another cocktail and playing on my phone's proximity-dating application when it slapped me in the face; I didn't have any recent cock pics! I immediately became erect and perambulated myself for five minutes until I was steaming hot, coated in sweat and ready to lie down again. I recorded all of the back and forth shuffling on my phone. Enjoy."

Monday 12 March 2012

Lower Wacker

  • Submitted by: Russell who was walking in Chicago, US
  • Russell says "I was staying in a hotel on a road called Lower Wacker - this is probably what got me thinking about a cockwalk. It was about freezing outside and by the end of it I couldn't feel my fingers and had suffered for my art. The bumpy penile wart on the underside of this cock was due to my being compelled to go on the roller coaster simulator (perhaps to warm up) - those things are quite frightening when you're the only one inside them and after you've had 2 large cups of coffee."