Sunday 12 September 2010

Morning cock

  • Submitted by: Russell who was walking in London, UK
  • Russell says "A trip to the hospital is never more brightened up than when it becomes an integral part of drawing a cock on the landscape. This might be my last cock in London though.. Look out America! I'm going to be looking out for cocks everywhere I go. :)"

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Riding cock

  • Submitted by: Russell who was cycling in London, UK

  • Cock in context: at Google Maps

  • Russell says "Cycling from work to a friend and back again in the morning, I found it hard to concentrate on the road as I was distracted by looking down at my semi-developed cock.. Saddened by the small coin purse but pleased with my cock's rapid development, by the end of the journey my cock had become fully developed and I began the final spurt. I began to create some ejaculate whilst walking my bike through the park behind the houses of parliament and brushing past Covent Garden. I came very quickly to find myself back at work. The issues I have about my second cock are that, although much bigger than most of my walking cocks, it is rather short & stumpy and my coin purse is very tight and a little irregular/warty. I also appear to be ejaculating from a slightly higher point than expected.. Ho hum. Will plan more next time I try to 'ride a cock'."

The money shot

  • Submitted by: Russell who was strombling in London, UK

  • Cock in context: at Google Maps

  • Russell says "Not much to say about this one. Was taking a walk in posh old Mayfair (Money shot - get it?) and realised I was once again half way to potential greatness with half a penis. If most of my international emails are correct, I oft feel this way. So, as ever, I quickly make swift movements around top of the shaft, approaching climax by shuffling around the balls and quickly bringing closure by pushing into the perineum. After building up quite a sweat, the real climax came from reliving the journey I had fully documented on my phone. Arf arf. Enjoy."

The penis, mightier than the sword

  • Submitted by: Russell who was sailing and walking in London, UK

  • Cock in context: at Google Maps

  • Russell says: "The title of this post has nothing to do with my wet cock (pictured), I just thought of it and thought it made a nice title.. We had to get a boat without too many stops to make the underside of this one less warty than it might have otherwise been. Possibly noteworthy (as it provided titillation en route), we passed through Bell Lane, Cobb Street, Wood Street and Cock Lane, and also passed 'Dirty Dicks' and 'Bung Hole' public houses. Teehee. I hope you appreciate the length I went to and the length I walked to create the length of my biggest cock ever. Enjoy."